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2002-11-13 19:51:27 (UTC)


I was sposed to start driving with the drivers ed teacher
today but i have workso that poops all over me. o well ima
be driving tomorow friday saturday n sunday so bah ha. i
think im losing it like u kno how when things get so shitty
u just havta laugh? lol thats me right now. like just
everything and now like my counselor lady is all thinkin
about putting me on celexa...wat the hell..she already said
like no medicine n suchness. poop. i dont wanna be a
zombie. blahh. i dunno i wanna find out wat its like bc i
dunno i guess if itll help ill try it but if theres side
effects n stuff i dont think i wanna. blah i just realized
since i cant go drving today i wont get my lisence til like
next week instead of this weekend. lol just adds to the
peachy fuckin keen time ive been having. i dont think the
ppl i work with like me lol. at first they were like so
kewl n stuff but now i dunno. plus i hear them talk shit
about like everyone so i dont doubt that their talkin about
me too. o well i need a job while i look for a job. i have
too much to pay off. car, car
on top of tuition so that ill be able to i
dont have the luxury of working for spending money. grr.
watever lol. i cant even get mad even tho i kno i am. da da
da. hmm it seems like ppl i used to ppl close
distant with...and ppl i used to be so so close