Book of the Purple Faerie
2002-11-13 19:11:16 (UTC)


It's a Wednesday, the worst day of the week for one and one
reason only: Grammar. I'm so sick of this class. I wish
he'd just tell us what he wants us to do for the final so
that we can do it and get it over with, as he's already
given us the rest of the assignments for the rest of the
semester. It's past "midterms", aka, the year term is
almost over and we're running downhill at breakneck speed
trying to get everything done before finals. I've got 10
minutes before I have to leave for public speaking, so I'll
make this quick. I've got to get better at updating this
thing. I've almost forgotten my password.

Michelle has stopped attending classes. I can't describe
how this makes me feel yet... let's just say, as Glatz
would, that it would be a fatally dangerous understatement
to say that this makes me "sad". I miss walking to classes
and having lunch with her. More later.

Heather's doing great! She's going to classes and hanging
out with us and seems to have adjusted to college as if she
were a fish to water.

I'm worn out. Thank god the week is half over.

I'm not sure where Jason has disappeared to, but he
entertains us every night with Resident Evil bliss. He even
let me kill Mr. X. Nemesis is fucking creepy.

Hack is a Maimmal.

I have boobs.

I need a break... I want to write and draw, but feel
lethargic. I can't bring myself to exert any effort at the
moment. It's very sad.

Kat is the kitten. I'm still worried that she doesn't feel
comfortable around me or Heather, as she takes Michelle out
of the room when they talk. Perhaps I'm just paranoid.

I love Fruits Basket! It's a lot of fun! And Chobits, but I
don't want to watch it without the group around. It's not
as fun. It's become a group activity/bonding ceremony. I
love my friends so much...

I should get ready for class. *sighs* Wish me luck... I

Worn out Purple Fairy

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