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2002-11-13 18:35:38 (UTC)

try it again, i dare you.

no one has any idea how much honesty means to me. or why.
you can't know. cause i won't tell you. i can't tell you
and i'm not going to. no one knows. let's keep it that
way. just understand that i need the honesty. the
straight up truth. and not only that, but you have to be
willing to prove that honesty if i call on you to do so.
at any given moment in time.

you wonder why i have so few close friends. why?

so few people are willing to prove to me that they can be
trusted. and you don't prove that by not telling things
that i ask you not to say. you don't exactly prove it by
always being there for me, though that does have something
to do with it.

you prove it by not lying to me. at all. not exaggerating
to a big extent (since everyone does somewhat i'm not
really worried about that too much. just don't do it a
whole lot.) and not making things up.

and most importantly not blatently lying to me.

if i ask you a question, tell me the truth
that is if you don't want me to think differently of you
but if you don't care, then tell me a lie
then watch me disappear because i'll never look behind

you lied to me
you broke the trust
and now i'm gone
and you don't know why
how shallow you are
how stupid too
to think i wouldn't find out
to assume i don't care
why did you do it
why to me
what did it accomplish
what was supposed to happen
was i to be blind
was it to be ignored
never honest with me
never again am i here
all you had to do was prove it
all that i asked for
but you didn't and won't
but you think that you don't have to
now wondering why i'm like this
now thinking immature
so what do you know
so why should i care now
i thought you knew me
i was wrong

well get over it
because i'm gone

and you know i mean it