Deacon Frost

Deacon Frost
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2002-11-13 17:01:39 (UTC)

Blood and blisters, on my fingers, chaos rules when we're apart...

Finally got a call yesterday on my pimp car. The body shop
finally found a replacement fender and will hopefully star
working on the car sometime this week. Now I only have to
come up with the rest of the money to pay for the work.

And work is sucking donkey balls today. I've been working
a lot of over time lately, so I decided to reward myself
with a Gamecube. Of course, I'm so busy at work, I never
have time to play it. Sort of a catch-22 I guess. This co-
worker comes over to my shitty little cubicle yesterday to
try solve a problem I've been having trying to plot one of
my files. I had a quick work-around to the problem, but no
we had solve it. So, this dickhead pisses away a half hour
of time (not that I would have used it for anything useful)
only to realize the problem can't be fixed, and my solution
was the best work around. I have this big cut on my lip
that hurts like hell from biting yesterday when I had to
keep from yelling "Get out of my fucking space!"

Fuckers. They're all god-damn fuckers.

My only source of anger management lately has been the new
Vice City game. Oh my god, it kicks so much ass. That,
and the Sopranos. Man this past Sundays episode was a
shocker for me. I was like "What the fuck, they killed

Oh well.