Day in & Day out
2001-08-15 21:47:31 (UTC)

FRIENDS: From scream-worthy to practically cloned.......


Does anyone have any of those friends that you've known
forever and love to death, but feel like screaming
at 'cause they can't seem to realize that the world does
not revolve around them? Well I do and she is really a
great person and all don't get me wrong but when I have a
problem she brushes it off. Then when she has the sam exact
problem she automatically insists that her world as she
knows it is about to crumble to her feet. She can't seem to
understand that she isn't the only one in the world with
problems, and just because they are her problems they are
not ten times worse than everyone else's. OK I think i am
done venting about that for now.
Now on the other hand I have another great friend that
is practically a clone of me. We are so much alike that our
friends tend to get us continually confused. She is the
only one that I can tell basically everything to and she
can do the same with me. She is also the only one of my
friends that shares my infatuation with *NSYNC. We really
probably should not be allowed to even be near each other
though because we really are immature giggly girls when it
comes to being together. Considering our age, thats a bad
thing. Not to mention the fact that we both may be very
smart girls book-wise but as for common sense, well there
is much to be desired. A lot of our friends have just
chalked that up to us both being blonde, and I have come to
accept that. Anyway I would not give up being a blonde for
anything, I think it is totally true that blondes have more
fun. And with that said; to all my fellow blonde babes,