"The Day Maggie Blew Off Her Head"
2001-08-15 21:44:14 (UTC)

The Art of Insomnia

Toss... Turn... Roll...

Stare at the ceiling.
Stare at the clock.
Listen to the clock tick.
Turn on music.
You can't fight it. It wins every night. Insomnia. You
can't sleep. Eventually you get up and do something. You
eat, you drink, you draw, you sing, you create. One good
thing about being an insomniac is that 3AM is not only
witch hour, but happy hour. Middle of the night is ALWAYS
when the creative juices start to flow and some of your
most funked up ideas become so much more.

On the other hand...

Insomnia is a sickness. A disease. And it sucks ass big
time. After a month, you could become weak, days and nights
get confused, and soon the headaches start... paranoia...
schizophrenia... etc etc etc. You could even become-



Oh well... just insomnia speaking for me I guess... it
produces the oddest conspiracies in my mind- then again-
the waves of my mind are controlled by the moon.

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