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2002-11-13 15:39:37 (UTC)


yea no one ever called my mom back about the job. im gonna
kill someone. so my mom doesnt have a job, but she does
have pneumonia. oh joy. this is great. now i have to cook
an watch cliff and all this shit until shes better. im
pissed man. i really wanted her to get that job. and i told
her to go to the doctor fer 'the flu' over a week ago. god
she should have listened to me. i just hope i dont get it
too cause ive been really sick lately.

i think kate n jake are gonna break up. hmm. jakes an ass.
and hes a wigger. and he likes chick flicks. and he has no
idea where hes going with anything. he wont get a real job.
and he treats kate like shit. so yea, i hope she gets rid
of his ass, cause shes way better off without him

jonathans gay right?? WRONG! hes bi, holy shit. yesterday
he was all like oh that chicks so hot of i want to make out
with her blah blah and he was tellin us how he made out
with these two bi girls at the local on saturday. man. and
he was 'stoned'. yea he was just pretending. his eyes were
fine, he was just squinting cause he was tired. me an kate
were like what did you smoke. he said he didnt smoke
anything he took pills. we asked what they looked like, and
he said they were white and he doesnt know what they were
but they fucked him up. yah right. LIAR. god hes a fukin
drama queen! it pisses me off sometimes!

paige n mike are fighting. blah. i think in a way its my
fault. hes mad that me n kendra and jayme an paige are
gonna do shrooms. but it was my idea to do shrooms in the
first place. and i knew that mike wasnt okay with it. our
plan was just dont tell mike, cause he said paige can do
what she wants as long as he doesnt hear about it or see it
and he isnt around it. well we didnt intend for him to find
out. kendra didnt know that we dont tell mike, and she said
something about it. yea so its my fault cause it was my
idea and cause i never told kendra not to tell him aboot
it. ahh. i think im gonna call him tonight if they arent
all cool yet and tell him whats up. hes such an awesome
guy, and paige rawks, i dont want them to like break up or
ne thing (i dont think they will tho) cause theyre awesome
together.. ::sigh::

but ne ways..

yea im still grounded. friday i dont have school. me and my
mom are goin to rent movies and have a girly day. my
brother won tickets to go see the second harry potter movie
on saturday and mom said i have to go and that its a part
of my punishment. hahaha. yea ill be sleeping lol. heh.
then sunday i think im gonna clean my room then rearange it
then redecorate it. like completely make it over. i think
im gonna hook up my old computer too and put windowns on it
and hook it up to the phone line so that i can go online at
night. yea id have to do it behind my moms back tho. cause
if she knew that i was online doing 'bad things' (HAHAHA)
in my room shed be pissed. ahh. but yea i think that its a
good idea. that way i could stay up on the puter all night
n shit. itll be great.

im gettin a fender jazz bass for christmas! blood red with
a BLACK pearl pick guard! wow. my daddy special ordered it
for me. mirrors on the fret board. RED STRINGS! and its got
the shorter fret board too cause ima loser and i cant reach
that far lol. now i just have to talk them into getting me
a strat fer my birthday. or drums! thatd be great. but yea
if my dad was kiddin around about the jazz bass im gonna
kick him repeatedly until he really gets me one lol. im
starting lessons again after christmas, cause i need em
BAD. and as soon as bogners gets someone to teach drums im
gonna take drum lessons too, but until then i have to wait
fer the band guys to move back to my house so that Al can
teach me and let me use his drums =Þ

well uhh what else is there to talk about? i might be going
to stay with sandy and jay and mikey an abby and scotty fer
thanksgiving so that i can be with them and my aunt cindy
and uncle reggie fer thanksgiving. i hope i get to go! i
havent seen any of them in like a year! i miss them all so
much, and playing with addy and mikey and scotty is so much
fun lol.

christmas i think were still going to go to my grandmas. if
we go paige is comming. yahoo its gonna be fun. grandmama
doesnt want us to come tho cause she doesnt want us to have
to drive through ohio and michigan in the bad weather,
blah. momma said were gonna go ne ways as long as we have
money fer gas. ehh.

god dammit bobby is playin 'its been awhile'.. that song
fukin makes me start bawling. that was me an that biotch's
song and blah i hate her and i hate that song! lmao.

but yea im gonna go and write notes to people. bye bye.