Rock Starr

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2002-11-13 15:10:38 (UTC)

Praise matter what

Up until about last night, I had been totally stressed out.
I had a good friend, "Joe", that was totally infatuated
with me and was pushing me and playing a game and trying to
guilt me into being with him. I had a really good
friend, "J.D." who used to be something of a player and I
told him everything and he explained the game to me, knew
the whole thing, could identify the technique because he's
used it before. Of course though, even though "Joe" was
making me crazy!!!! one of my very best girlfriends became
mediator because I didn't want to tell him outright that he
had killed what little spark I'd had for him as more than a
friend, and solved it and "Joe" and I are cool again. I had
prayed upon prayed about it, and it is over and done
with. "Joe" is slightly downtrodden, but he's still talking
to me.
Then my lovely mediator friend "Sara" is having problems of
her own, with this guy she realy likes. He also likes our
mutual friend, but "Sara" really really likes this guy. I
thik he's being a jerk. "Sara" isn't the typical girl that
a guy like this guy wants. She doesnt have a perfect body,
but our mutual friend is pretty close to having one,
and "Sara" is sure that this guy just used her as a way out
of his girlfriend. Not only that, but she's having problems
at home, and her dad says she has 30 days to get out of ehr
house. I dont get it. She's an NHS, 3.7 GPA student, doesnt
do drugs, isnt a 'player' or however you want to say that,
she's a really ambitious, intelligent, good kid. But her
dad treats her like dirt. Right now, this is one of my few
stressors left unsolved.
My grades have suffered, but I cut my hours at work and I
am about to get a bank account so I can start saving. I am
depositing my last two hundred dollar checks. Hopefully
that will pick back up again :)!
Then I lost my car because my dad was driving my stepmom's
car and it died and he's been trying to fix the truck that
he got for his high school graduation so everyone can have
vehicles. That was solved last night; it was in the
driveway when i came home last night and I got to
drive "Baby" this morning. Baby's my car.
Then there's my best guy friend, we'll call him Lysander
for privacy sake. He's been kicked out of his mom's house
since he was 16, its been a year. He's floated form house
to house. When we became close and I started driving him to
school, his supposed good friend got him kicked out of her
house by telling her parents lies, that Lysander was
talkign bad about her, that it was Lysander's words, not
the guitarist from his band(whom this girl really really
really likes) when he said she shoudl come to less band
practices and that the guitarist didn't want her hanging
all over him, and that he wasn't her boyfriend. Isn't that
the msot trivial thing to throw someone out on the street
for? Then he lived with a buddy, then he got a car, then he
got an apartment, then he fixed his car, then his car got
impounded because the police thought uit was stolen becuase
Lysander brought it from a guy who was selling it for his
girlfriend. Last night, he was trying to get back to his
apartment sonehiow, but couldnt and got picked up by his
mom. He has to be working to live at teh apartment.
Miraculously, Lysander's grandfather is letting him stay
until he can get a car or his car or whatever becuase he
has to drop out of school otherwise. Miraculous. Lysander
was at school this morning. Praise God. See? I've prayed
and prayed and prayed and prayed for Lysander. The Lord
ALWAYS comes through, even if it takes a while. You just
have to love, trust, believe, and pray.

God Bless!
My LoVe AlWaYs,