Sweet Child

Sweet Life
2001-08-15 19:52:13 (UTC)


I know I am love. But what is love? What is I? I am
love. Whatever that may be. I know it is right. Will love
ever find it's lost child? Will the child ever grow? The
child has grown. Perhaps it is only a child because it's
mother, Love, is not there to help her grow. The child was
once found. Found by Love. Then lost by evil. The child was
lead away. To be lost again. Love's child wants to learn
more. To love more. But what is the feeling Love's Child
had felt on that night? Is it love? But it can not be. Why?
Does the knight love her in return? It can only be love
with returned love. The girl must know. Had it been love?
Perhaps. May be the feeling she had for him was. But how
can love feel so empty? Love wants to be near her love. Why
must she be so far? How can love be so far? It was not just
a strong feeling of like. Was it? She will not know. Does
love happen so quick you are but a victim of it & have no
choice but to love? Why is this happening? Should real love
be so confusing? May be it is not, just not all the spots
have been filled. But there is an answer. The answer is
clear, love is there. Somewhere. It is there. The child is
not too young to love because she is love. May be in love
she is not a child, but a woman of love. May be people need
to open their eyes to a grown child's love. May be she has
the greatest of all to offer to those see. True love she
will give them. A love that will never die. No matter what.
Open your eyes & hearts to a love so wonderful it can only
be the love of Love's Child.