as the Oval turns
2001-08-15 19:46:33 (UTC)

Loose Lips Pacey

Saturday on the way to Cedar Point, Pacey and I talked
about a lot of stuff. We got on the subject of academics,
and he started to tell me about Esther's grades and stuff.
Well, yesterday, she and I were eating dinner w/our friend
Henry, and we got on the same subject, and I was telling
her about what I knew, not thinking that maybe I wasn't
supposed to know. So she got mad, b/c she figured that
Pacey had told so many other people as well as me, and he
obviously can't keep his mouth shut. But I told her she
should've known Pacey runs his mouth about other people's
business or about what he thinks of other people,
especially after what happened my freshman year...loong
story. But E and I kept talking, and she was saying that
she doesn't talk to Pacey that much anymore, b/c he's weird
and he talks down to her like she's an airhead. In a
sense, I'm surprised b/c he wanted to hook up w/her at one
time, but in another sense I'm not b/c he didn't exactly
have noble intentions for being w/her, so I don't think he
has a lot of respect for her. But another thing that
Esther said that was interesting was that Pacey is always
trying to act all social and stuff, but it's so obvious
he's faking it...the funny thing is, I already knew that,
he told me. But I keep telling him that it's so important
to be himself. I mean, I think that Pacey is attractive,
especially after Saturday, but I think that he needs to
find himself and get comfortable in his own skin.