Kenton Cohick

Insolent thoughts
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2002-11-13 07:25:37 (UTC)

U of L

Well, it looks like I'm going to the University of
Lethbridge. It's hard to say, but I'm about 80% sure right
now. With the way things are going, I'll be there with
either Jeff or by myself. I'd honestly rather be by myself
than live with that stinky fucker. I don't even know what
I'm taking yet, but I know it won't be anything like
engineering. I'm looking more along the lines of Law (if I
get in), or Journalism. Nothing to do with math or
calculations, although Astronomy would be cool.

I've been watching Pulp Fiction for the first time, and I
must say that so far it is a very good movie. I've decided
that I really like Tarentino(sp?) movies. I'm basing this
entirely on Resevoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction, but that ain't
too shabby.

I don't know what else to talk about. I just copied an
entire article off of Encarta for an essay, and it feels
pretty good. It's for Science 30, so I should get something
along the lines of 700% on it. Our teacher reminds me of
one of those Grandmas everybody has who forget that they
gave you money, so they just keep on giving it when you
ask. The rule of Science 30 is basically this: If you can
read, you'll pass. Therefore, when I whip out my
professionally written essay, I'm bound to get something
nice. I wish I could say English was going as well. In
grade 10 my teacher was Mrs. Fitzpatrick. She's a ho that
assigns projects like the sun assigns light. Or something.
Also, I'm extremely lazy, so I don't do any of them. I
ended up getting 56% in the class, with over 27% missing.
That means I basically missed half of the entire class
(final exam counts for 50%). Then in grade 11, I had a
different teacher and got 76%. This year I have the Fitz
again, so guess what's happening. Bingo, I don't do
anything. I had a 75, but that's before she started
shining, and so it's gone down about ten percent. Gotta
wake up early tomorrow, so I better wrap this up. I wonder
who came up with that phrase. I think it's dumb.