Crazy Girl

Diving Under
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2002-11-13 06:29:53 (UTC)

I havent really wrote in here..

I havent really wrote in here in a long time, I guess there
really isnt anything to talk about lately. I mean I have
been having a wonderful time with everything that is going

First off, I am so sorry Corr that you think I dont want to
spend time with you babe. I love you and I am really sorry!
I dont mean to hurt you in ways like that. Will you forgive
me, wait hold up! You wanted to go over there today
remember! So it isnt always me who wants to go over
there... hehe!

I also want to say sorry to Heather, I really havent done
that I guess. This is from my heart. Well everything else
is but this it different. Dont laugh at me you bitches!
(lol) Well I just want to say sorry to you if you read this
because your right have been a bitch and everything was
your choice. Well hopefully you will come around one day
and start talking to me like we were once friends. Not like
I am some aquantence from school who is in one of your
classes. I dont mean to lash out... sorry bout that too. I
have just been thinking about everything lately and I am
missing a big part of my life that I didnt want to let go.
I remember Pa telling me to fight for her but what happens
if she doesnt fight back? Does anyone know. Not me!

Well thats all I have to say about that! (from forest
gump!) that movie rocks. But enought about that! This last
weekend ruled! I got to spend all this time with my
importance people! And I got to see like the two most
AWESOME movies ever. Ghost ship and 8 Mile. Those movies
are like so good. But I wont talk about them I dont want to
ruin it for anyone. I faked sick this weekend to show my
man I love him and that I do love spending time with him.
It was a really good movie

this is a weird entry, it is like all this stuff going
through my head on one little page. My rambling thoughts,
ahhh their scary! Hehe! well I will let you all go, have a
good day