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2001-08-15 19:05:47 (UTC)

Best Friends!

The only good thing in life is having good friends that
understand you and help you!. I'm glad I have that!. I have 3 people
I trust completely. I consider 2 of them as my best mates who I would
(and have done) trust my life to. The 3rd is the only male person I
would tell my secrets to.

Lets start with my longest (best) mate thats Vikki. I've known her
since she came to my school (her yr7, me yr10) i really didnt like
her to begin with I thought she was too clingy. I even got really
close to hitting her once. I never did though. We actually ended up
as good friends, then when I was in yr 11, I fell out with another
friend (Emma Scrivener) so she stayed as friends with her. We were
still friends but we never spoke as much. When I left in yr11 we
became better friends and I confided more in her. At 1 point she was
stopping me from killing myself/going crazy over Ollie. I trust her
completly with anything!!

My other best mate is Hiu Mee (MEE MEE or MEEM) Cheung. I met her
when I joined SCAT (My college) As time has gone on we have become
closer and closer, so close in fact that i love her as much as I love
Vikki and I've known Vik longer.
She knows my dark secrets and I know hers. I'm not gonna put them in
here incase some1 who knows her reads it. We both moan about the same
things in college and were both passionate about singing. Got so much
in common.

My best male friend is Paul Price. I wish we were more than friends
but he doesnt want to be and so far I'm managing. I can trust him
with most things but there are some things that are for female ears
only. We've always had a funny friendship, I've always flrited with
him, I remember that if there was a sexy song on I'd always dance
with him, just to wind him up, it was fun!.
Hes throwing a party on 25th August to cheer himself up. Hes just
split with up with someone from the college, He wont tell me who, if
it kills me by the time his party is over he will be happy!

Altogether they're the best mates a girl could have and they each
have their own helpfulness in a Jenny crisis. I love all 3 amd of
anything happened to anyone of them, I odnt know what I'd do. I hope
they get everything they want in life.

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