things running through my mind.
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2002-11-13 04:17:56 (UTC)

buuuh duh!!!

ok.... lets see today was ok i guess but i hate wen u talk
to frineds u think r ur friends and u think they r tellin
me all they know and actaully care about wut im tellin them
not just puttin on an act.. but i dont kno .. it just gets
really OLD!
Jackee it will b ok i bet u and henry will b luver agina in
the next few days! lul
vball was fun their wasnt many ppl there soo we got more
practice and i dont kno think i ne good at all!.... ihave
cheerleadin tryouts 2maro and i hope i do good and i also
hope i like it cuz i told everyone i was tryin out.. soo
cant go back on that.. now can i!
AHHHH!!!.. i just finished my lit paper it feels soo good
to have that off ur back u dont even kno! (josie ah)
why do guys have to b soo mean and why cant we (girls) ever
able to tell wut they r thinkin... its a mystery of the
Brandy mrs. proctor will figure out ur name one day dont
worry ha.... lul chicky!carmen!

MOOD: :/ i have felt better!
carmelany.... muahs!!!!!