The land of unknown
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2001-08-15 18:41:17 (UTC)

A Call From............ uhhh........

today was interesting. sort of. my good friend, Robert,
called me from california. we talked about stuff. it was
fun getting a chance to really talk to one of my friends.
me and my brother have been playing game after game
of Rage. once u get the hang of it, it's pretty damn fun. i
might look forward to other card games. don't worry
people, i wont be doing any D&D or anything like that.
no, only brutal, violent, and bloody games like Rage
and there's this Vampire game coming out, also by
White Wolf (the makers of Rage). and then there are the
war and domination type games like Warhammer.
hundreds of real peices and an actual battle ground.
really kick ass. but i'll never understand how games like
D&D can be so fun. it must be fun to some one cuz
they're so popular amung gamers. i just don't get it.

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