Nick's Journal
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2002-11-13 03:21:58 (UTC)

Frat Guys Dancing

Ok. I have friends that are in frats, and these friends
are good. i'm about to make a generalizatoin. i do not
like the way frat guys act. mainly it's the common frat
guy that wants a fight, or just treats a girl like
shit.....i mena if anyone's going to treat a girl like
shit it's going to be me!
now, there are two things that bother me.
1.) their sordid addictoin to alcohol.
now i'm an alcoholic beyond all belief....but atleast i
have the decency to pass the fuck out after a gallon of
vodka and 15 beers. but nooooooooo not these guys at the
party...they're on their 200th shot and going strong.
sure they're using their shot glasses to prop open their
eye-lids but they're still "breaking it down". and while
i'm on this topic, i'll go completely off topic.
what the hell is up with the frat guy build?
they're not fat and not skinny. but they're semi-
muscular. usually they have that incredibly sexy beer
belly, i guess that's there so that when they're tired of
swinging their fists they can hit their girlfriends with
their guts.
fucking morons.
2.) frat guy dancing/singing
the dancing is just pathetic. i mean come one, we know
that white guys can't dance, that's all there is to that.
please do not dance. and for the love of god do not
if you sing one more time it's on.
if i see one more over-weight, frat guy think he's the
shit because he's discovered how cool he can be
singing "gin and juice" at the top of his lungs, and
bobbing his head to the rythme, i'm gonna drive his drunk,
glazed over eyes, ass out to the ghetto and let him "hold
it down with his boysssssss" on the reala.
one last thing.
it's cute that you guys can get so wasted you'll go to any
lengths to impress a girl. all the way from drunken
serenading to those really heartfelt lines of "were your
parents retarded? cos you sure are special".......but
they're about as original as a finance major with a wall
street journal subscription.

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