Nick's Journal
2002-11-13 03:13:51 (UTC)


Doors the windows to our lives. or windows are the doors
to our lives. eh whatever the fuck. apparently in my
environment or in our society it seems impossible for
people to comprehend the simplistic mechanical inclination
towards one door, namely the one towards your mother
fucking right.
here's what i declare.
when going towards a double door.....use the one on your other words the one where the hinge is closest
to your right hand......the one that you jerk off with.
why do i declare this mandate?
cos i fucking got nailed today. it was a double door no
window, and the fuck nut use the left right.
also this mandate holds if the door on your left is open.
nigga, i don't care if that door is being held open by
seven virgins with seven vaginas that all need use the mother fucking right door. and
women...i dont' care if there are 7 cookbooks with 7
delicious recipes in use the mother fucking
right door. just listen to the fucking sentence.......the
RIGHT door. just think that. fuckign cretins.
my management teacher is a hoot and a holler. today when
hadnign out our project assignments he showed just what
expectation people have of business majors. this is what
he said,
"now i don't care if you get the question right or wrong,
as long as you try"
what the hell kind of a class is this? i mean granted i'm
surrounded by downsies.........downsies that act like they
got worked over by someone with a baseball bat.....but
shit, we can't even get 4 fuckign questions right?
and if you stink like a god damned
troll.....shower....even though you may not feel your
sweat under all those rolls of fat....i promise you i can
smell it. and don't think just cos you drink coffee
you're a genius. especially if you smell like a troll,
and take management.