the one who got away

lost somewhere inside of me
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2002-11-13 03:11:31 (UTC)

this is where i say ive had..

this is where i say ive had enough
no one could ever feel the way that i feel now
a walking open wound
a choking display of bruises
but i dont believe that im getting any better

dashboard confessional everybody give it up

theyhave a way with words id say defintely fits my mood
but then again im sure you can find a song for every mood
and a set of lyrics for exactly what you are feeling at any
given moment
so why are these so spectacular bc i dont let myself get
better this song is a constant reminder to me that it plays
all the time inside my mind letting myself be hurt
time and time again

but life goes on and people change maybe thats what i need
is change...we will definitely see once june rolls around
i hope it was a good decision but then again whose to say i
wont change my mind yaknow
id really like to finish though fall semester so we wil
ahve to see

but goodnight all
love you

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