my life
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2002-11-13 02:59:28 (UTC)

i have made an diary

i made this diary just for the people who might care about
my life. i will complain about everything that happens that
day, maybe i wont remember to write one day but too bad,
this is today.

I stayed home from school. i was sick, i played my game
Grand Theft Auto 3 all day, and when i saved it it wouldnt
let me play it where i left off, but no, it took me 7 hours
to dl and when its done its defective... it wont load saved
games... then i was forced to go to my guitar lesson even
tho i was sick, great fun, i didnt remember to put anything
on my tape, and i didnt do most stuff right, i suck at the
guitar. and now i decided to make a diary, thats all that
happend today, what fun isnt it, oh yeah and i organized my
binder for school, just so i can say i did something
positive and productive.