Life of Joolz
2001-08-15 17:37:05 (UTC)

Wednesday 15th August 2001

18.40pm on a hot balmy humid evening. Sat in t-shirt and that's all.
Too hot to do anything much and need to chill anyway.

My God it's been hot for the last two days-unbearable.
Mood is good, weight is 8stone 9lbs (need to put on) and
tiredness factor is 5/10 as didn't kip well last night-eyes
sprung open and it was too hot to sleep. Had to wash
bedding as it stank of sweat when I entered bedroom when I
got in from work. Ron's pillow was still damp from sweating
overnight-disgusting! Having to wash pillows too. And I know this is
far too much information, and more than you need to know,
but we all sweat you know! Like it or not we do. Didn't expect
pillows to be saturated though.
So, been busy with housework, after working over at work,
and I've got mushrooms, green and red chilis in olive oil
with onions brazing in a pan. Having organic pizza with
extra cheese and own toppings tonight for evening meal with
side salad so must go and stir mushrooms.

18.50pm-Jill was upset today at work coz we are short staffed and she
couldn't cope. I am the other third of our current pathetic section,
so it's been just as bad for me, and we got a lot of abuse from the
punters, but I just found myself calm for once and let it all go over
my head. There should be 9 of us but it's peak leave and nowt can be
done about it. Was very stressful but I coped for once and just
laughed at the mongers who were shouting all day and threatening. Par
for the course I suppose. let 'em bloody wait for their money-not my
fault there's no staff!! So there!! One week on Friday I finish and
get a reprieve from the place.

Roman blinds will be fitted at 9am Saturday morning-about time too-I
nearly cancelled the order as I've been waiting since 2nd July.
Ridiculous. All that's left is the new door on 31st Aug.
Oh heck-pizza has to go in.