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2002-11-13 02:42:09 (UTC)

yesterday's (11/11/02) try at astral travel.

I was kinda tired yesterday. (As usual I didn't do anything
I intended to, just slacked off.) After a healthy supper I
layed down for a little while. While laying down, there was
nothing good on the radio. I thought I might as well try to
listen to that meditation on colors tape from the priest
guy. I've been meaning to do that for a long time now.

So I get in the proper laying down position, I cover
myself, and it was quite warm then. I don't remember my
exact cloths, but it wasn't all that comfortable.
Evnetually, either the tape ended or I just didn't hear it
anymore. I started being kinda in between states of mind.
Or at least so it felt. I finally tried to pick a
destination. (I thought, since I'm already meditating, I
might as well try out this astral projection thing.)

The meditation procedure of astral projection includes the
body shaking and jerking. I realized that I'm getting close
to my goal when I was almost asleep, yet kinda conscious.
Then my head just kinda all of a sudden jerked up. If ever
I'm going to sleep or something like that, my foot, or hand
only twitches a little. I never jerked neck up. Especially
not that much. It happened in my hand a little while later
as well. But damn was that cool.

I couldn't figure out where I would want to go. So that
might have been one of the possible many reasons why it
didn't work.

Other then that another cool thing happened. I opened my
eyes, I'm not too sure why, just kinda opened them. A few
seconds later I heard the end of the tape sound. And on
that note, I'm gonna go. Super Tuesday is on, and I just
found out about it. Yeay!!!