Charles Deason

My Blue Sky
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2002-11-13 02:05:22 (UTC)


Yeah, dreams..... my dreams, my future, destiny, or
fate. Whatever you call it, it's bound to happen sometime
in life. Especially to me. Even as things are now, I must
push on, and find my true talent and future. Even if it
takes me for an eternity. At first, I thought it was so
simple at first, but now I realize that fighting isn't my
God-given talent, its a natural ability.
So once again, I find myself alone with not one
special talent! But hey, i'm not down in the dumps, I feel
pretty good searching for something I've never imagined I
secretly had in me all along :) Well, I'll talk some more
later, nothing special happened today anywho. I woke up at
2 am, and with four hours of sleep, I went to school sad,
as usual and came home happier than those gay cartoons
knowing that I made it through the day hahaha just jokin,
I'll write some more later when I get into a better writing
mood, So I'll see you later. ;0

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