Fallen from grace

One day at a time...
2001-08-15 16:26:09 (UTC)

steele county fair

Yeah...it's gonna be great fun. Sit there. Alone. Except
for my parents. But Jordan's gonna stop and see me. And
Andi might come for a day. Her pool party was fun! Ben's
dumb cuz I'm the "rap fan" now and he supposedly knows more
about it. Whatever. I like what I like, I don't analyze
it but he wouldn't understand that cuz he's not too bright.
Anyway...I fed the babies again this morning. I'm getting
so sick of the stupid cats though! Whenever I'm carrying
buckets to give the calves milk there they are trying to
trip me or walking so close to me I'll step on them if I
walk. I give up! If they're in the way of being stepped
on, then they're gonna get stepped on. I can't help it.
It's their own fault. I wrote a few more pages on my
letter to Cat. It's gonna be really long cuz I'm gonna
write at the fair when I have nothing to do. I have to
write to Jamie too. Cuz she's going to be away the whole
time. **SNIFF**SNIFF** If anybody who knows me reads
this: go to the Steele County Fair! Walk through the dairy
barns till you find me. I'll be the one sleeping or half
sleeping half writing most likely.