supra p8ntbll

2002-11-13 00:49:32 (UTC)

still alone with no one.......

Well im still alone. Ok here's how things are goin.
every one i know has or once had a girlfriend ( or bf for
the femanins). But then there's me, alone and never taken.
sure maybe i've come close to getting a girlfriend
once..... but bot now.
Yeah it is depresing to me. i often wonder why im alone
like this. This really does upset me. i guess it's cuz i
want to love and be loved. well i guess i can only say
life's a bitch.
There is this one girl i like, and she is single (
like me). I'm not goin to tell you her name cuz i dont
think she would like it. well dont worry i wont mention ur
name aly. who does want to "fuck matt sanders shittless" in
her own words.
well remember to put the good word in for me and im
nik 11/ what ever day it is/02

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