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2002-11-13 00:24:09 (UTC)

It Never Lies (English-Personal Narrative)

Many times throughout my lifetime I have often
heard people telling me

that they never got into a relationship with someone
because they were too good of

friends with that person. I understand why they wouldn’t
want a friendship to end,

but what I don’t understand is how they can stand there and
let the love of their

life pass them by.

I was only fifteen and it was the last day of my
freshman year. I was in a

relationship with someone who I had been in love with for
nearly five months. We

had our rocky times every now and then, and I always knew
who I could turn to

for strength, help, and guidance; my best friend. His name
was Steven. I had

known him for almost a year, but our friendship meant
everything to us. We would

always sit together at the pep rally’s, and when we hung
out in the hallways people

were always coming up to us asking us if we were going out.
Unfortunately we

wasn’t. I was dating another guy, but Steven was the one I
was always with. The

last day of school I felt closer to him than ever. There
was something about him

that I couldn’t explain. It was as though I had to be with
him every second, and

while I wasn’t with him I was going crazy. Some of my other
friends caught me

throughout the day telling them that I thought I was
falling in love. They would tell

me, “Ashley you have a boyfriend. Steven is your best
friend. Why would you

want to mess that up?”

My mind was telling me that what they were saying
was true, but my heart

was telling me to do what felt right. The only conclusion
that I kept coming to was

the one that I wanted to be with, which was Steven.

The final hour of the school year had rolled
around, and was upon us. I was

stuck in Mr. Chambers class, the class I feared because it
was foreign language.

We wasn’t doing anything in there so I asked him if I could
go down to Mrs.

Hunt’s room to finish a project. After persuading and
arguing with him, he finally

let me go. On my way downstairs I made a stop at Steven’s
class. His teacher told

him it would be alright for him to go with me to Mrs. Hunts
also. As we walked

down the hallway together, he had his arm around my waist.
That didn’t seem to

be helping the fact that I had a boyfriend, but by that
point I didn’t really care.

It was nearing the last few moments of the our
freshman year, and we were

in the classroom taking pictures of us together, getting
ready for the bell to ring.

When it finally rang he decided that he was going to walk
me to my bus. As we

started to walk up the stairs he turned around to face me,
and before I could even

ask him why he had stopped he kissed me. My heart pounded
for it was so

unexpected. As much as I had wanted to kiss him all day, I
had no idea that I was

going to get the chance. Slowly, I felt his lips pull away
from mine. He didn’t

know how I would react to it, so I watched his eyes, and it
seemed as though I

could see through his thoughts. It was an endless journey,
full of anticipation and

wonder. At that moment I chose him knowing that my heart
was leading me in his

direction. He looked down at me, wondering how I felt about
what had just

happened. I was sure to let him know that I wanted it just
as much as he did, so I

leaned up and kissed him back. It was as though we were
entwined in the moment

together, there as one. Realizing that I was about to miss
my bus, we left. As I

walked away from him I wanted to tell him that I loved him,
but I didn’t.

Sooner, rather than later we were a couple. I felt
safe with him, unlike any

other relationship that I had ever been in. No other guy
has ever treated me like I

was really somebody than he has. That was six and a half
months ago, and were

still together. I sometimes sit and wonder how it would
have been if he had never

kissed me. Then I think about all the great times that
we’ve shared, and I wouldn’t

change that day for the world.

Many times throughout my lifetime I have listened
to the stories of people

that have threw their lives away because they were to
afraid. I had my doubts, but

I am so glad that I let Steven into my heart. He was my
best friend, my

companion, partner. Now he’s my partner in life. Don’t
listen to other people’s

opinions, because it could cause you to miss out on the
most important thing in

your life. Only listen to your heart, for your heart never


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