2002-11-12 23:33:32 (UTC)


Well Im so sorry for not writing in like 204839 million
years. Well there are a lot of new thingz. My dad and me
talk now. Everything is going great. My mom is going to
Mexico for like a month or two, my lil is going with her
too. And since my dad doesnt live with us its just going
to be me and my lil sis. You know what that means. :D. :X.
My baby is gonna be over all the time. :X. Yeah my lil sis
Evelin (13) seems to be really happy nowadays, she reminds
me all the time how even though we went through a lot of
hell these past few weeks everything is so great now. Even
if my dad cant live with us, I think its so much better
that way. Well it was my lil cousins sweet 16 on Saturday
that was coo I guess until we decided to egg her in front
of her friendz. :D

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