Al P.S. Tacos Rule
2002-11-12 23:21:58 (UTC)

In school suspension sucks p3n!$

Haha they put my in ISS today cuz i was late. Losers! im
being mean today :( im gonna make a char on UO named Cherry
sux. cuz she always has a period after her name, cuz she
sucks and so does blue :D lol that face is
cute - :D anywho, sweet im not dizzy and stuff like this
weekend. Wow it was horrible, i was dizzy and i kept
getting cold sweats. I think im gonna update my website
today, cuz i wrote this funny thing on wolfenstein 3d for
SNES. It's horrible but i still play SNES, well emulators
at least lol. But its sad i still play it! Jess and i are
good, we've been talking alot. My mom was being a bitch to
me yesterday and omg jess was
soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sweet about
it, i was like ahhhh shes so damn sweet but then i did this
in rl :D cuz she cheered me up. But she thought i was
ignoring her :( actually i kinda was lol, cuz i was playing
UO, so i feel bad as hell. Ill make it up to her today tho,
i promised myself i would. I wrote her a poem! and damn i
should write her an email too huh? i miss her :( lol it has
my AIM alert for her to come on and it has cartmen from
southpark saying "sup homies", lol i feel like playing that
sound, i miss that sound!! cuz it means shes on and i gets
all sad when shes not on :(