beccas diary
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2002-11-12 23:13:57 (UTC)


well today was tuesday and it was like another day on the
good ole ranch...lol well today was fun as usual in gym bc
i have eva, taci, kris, michelle, isaqac, micheal, lisa,
steven, carlos, and every one else that i love, then we
went to home room and then i went to 2nd block and hung
with isaac b4 class then we had a normal day and then we
went to 3rd block and had a test and did some extra
credit, then lunch which was great as usual, then 4th
block nd did research and collect data for my research
project, my mom came and picked me up froms chool and the
i went to get my nails filled in thenw e went to target to
get some gym pants and ened up spending like 75 dollars
and then i came ome and now i am here typing this for
ya'll enjoyment.......
welll i guess thats it...maybe not a long as shannons bout
we all know that she is much much more interesting than
lotz o love
bartneder becca

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