2001-01-31 03:36:55 (UTC)

Dear Diary, Hey, i got in a..

Dear Diary,
Hey, i got in a DUMB fight with my dad today, hes
going on a trip and so is my mom, and they need to put me
somewhere for the weekend (thursday-sunday) and i made
plans to go to my friend brittneys, and he got pissed b/c
he didnt FEEL COMFORTABLE with my @ a friends house cuz it
was a "school nite" god! they would let me usually, but im
not getting the best grades, its retarded! He got all
pissed and so did i but.....i dunno its just not fair, b/c
hes MAKING me go to my AUNT SUEs whos like 50! gosh! its
sooo dumb! Well, guess what! Stephanie got kicked out, 4
cheating! can u believe that!!! im so sad! But i know shell
be better off somewhere else, and so will i, like without
her, cuz like i ALWAYS ditch with her and stuff, i dunno,
its just better. N e Wayz, im just sad....i had fun with
her. I hope shes doing alright! Well, i have to go! Bye
Luv ya