rundari's endless ranting
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2001-08-15 12:42:02 (UTC)

whoa parents are so OBNOCIOUSLY STUPID! OMG! grrrrrrr!
they dont even let me go outside anymore,and now the
internet is 'evil'.my video-games are 'evil',my
friends are 'evil',my music is 'evil',my books
are 'evil',even the color of my room is evil!!!!!*red,not
black,btw* this is so stupid,i cant believe them.and when i
told my mom that her and dad were being stupid and over-
protective,she said,"well,when you're my age,with a gun to
your head,sitting on a therapist couch,you can pitch about
how your parents wrecked your life,but till then,just put
up with it." i think,at that moment,i got my ulcer.stupid
anyway,had to bitch to somebody about it,so 'till i
actually have something important to post,this is
me,signing off.