My life
2002-11-12 21:05:55 (UTC)

*Cant speak?*

Ok here is EVERYTHING that happened today! well i didn't
get to sleep till like 2 bc i kept talking to kim about
things. And the phone rings at 9 something this morning,
and i thought that it was alex bc she had to come over to
get a ride to work. well it was jimmy, AT 9:00 IN THE
MORNING!! well i get to the phone late and i go to lay back
down and he calls back and he was like hey wats up and i
was like nothing and he asked if i was sleeping and i said
yes and told him id call him back. well i couldn't get back
to sleep so i got up and kim did too and got something to
drink and called him back. So we talked for like 30 minutes
and then kim had to use the phone so i was talking to him
online. Thats when he told me he liked me. So i start
getting ready and he calls me and we talk for a few minutes
after his ride took him to get somethign to eat and then
his ride came back or something so he left for the rink and
he kept askin me if i was going to go. so i obviously assum
that he wants me to go! wouldnt you? Well anyways Scotts
mom comes and gets us at 11:45 bc alexz had to get there
early and were like the only ppl in the lobby well at 12
when they start letting peopel in i go in and he dosent say
anythign to me, so w/e its cool. well we go down the rink
to the mushrooms and he comes down there hugs Marissa and
says hi to me and i asked him something (cant remember wat)
and then i start skating an dlike he would come and sit by
me and say lil dinky senteces to me, FAG! well lauren smith
gets to the rink and she knew that i liekd him and he liked
me and starts asking him ??s I DIDNT WANT ANYONE DOING THAT
BC I KNEW HED GET ANNOYED well i come to find out that
Jimmy has liked lauren since he was in 5th grade!
GREAT!!!!!!! PERFECT!!! well he doestn say one more word to
me the rest of the time, when she got there he stopped.
Like i would over to whereever he was and he turned his
whole body away from me and got up and skated off and i sat
w/ kim n lauren for lke 5 min and i went out on the floor
and started skating with Marissa and i look over there and
he is sittng with laruen again!!! This is PISSING me
off!!!! I dont get it! so i left at 4 and i called him and
he acted like nothin happene dand i was like "um wats kyle
patsys number? and he gave it to me and i was like ok
bye...uhh i like him so much!!! gg luv ya byebye