Lil' Em's Lil' Diary
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2002-11-12 21:05:21 (UTC)

half day at school

We had a half day at school today! First I had reading,
Sience, and then GYM! Omg- that was so fun! we had to go
through an obstacle coarse w/ hula hoops... I am not gunna
explain the game cuz its too confusing! LOL! Then we had
math! Brooke ruined my fun by telling me that I made
varsity! I wanted to look by myself! after that, we had
geography. I hate geo but today it was fun! Everyone kept
asking me to help them with their project. Now that was
getting annoying! But them Kim told me that in China, when
they have baby girls, they throw them on the floor and put
them in the sink. OMG- u should have seen her face! I
started laughing so bad that I cried! Then we had lunch and
Brooke me and Caroline tried to sit at the eighth grade
table bcuz Brooke likes lance. Then she thought that we
would get in trouble so we sneaked back to our table. I
think we should be able to sit where ever we want! its not
like the eighth graders are royalty! Haha... I just
realized how much I wrote! lol! Well that was my day who