2002-11-12 20:22:53 (UTC)

Dejavu or some shit.

Last week I had this mad, random fascination with the
Concorde Jet. Travel at twice the speed of sound,
11-miles above the earth--that's the fuckin' shit. They
treat you like royalty too. Just checked the British
Airways site though. Round-trip to London: $12,630. I
need a high-rolling sugardaddy. DAMN, it sucks being poor.

This morning, the girl in the cube next to mine told me
Gwen Stefani was on board a Concorde flight that took
a 27,000-foot nose dive last week. I love No Doubt. I'm
not one for pussy, but I'd go str8 for Gwen. She's some
hot ass.

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Music: Jay-Z Can I Get A Fuck You