My diary (Ooh i'm so creative)
2001-08-15 10:09:07 (UTC)

Damnit....damnit so damn hard!

Don't you love it when everything is going perfectlly, your
happy, your having fun everything seems to be just
right....and then it all turns around on you...throws you
on the ground and starts kicking the shit out of you? Do
you love it? Oh, you do? Well I fucking don't...I hate it
more than anything, dissapointment is the worst
emotion....well not the worst but you know. Mmmm I've
fucked things up big time with the guy I like...don't you
hate that? Nah fuck that I'm not talking about him in
here... I'm not going to fit the stereotype of a female
teenager who thinks of nothing but who she is going to give
head to next, shit I'm not usually this synical....I don't
usually swear this much either! School is screwed up so
bad,my friendships are screwed up so my
relationships in general are screwed up so bad!!! I feel so
sorry for people that feel they have nothing to live for, I
pity people who feel emotions so strong that they take
their life...I don't think I could ever take my own
life...there'd always be something to live for....just
those moments where you smile nd everthing seems better
again...I love those moments! Hmmmm this is strange I
actually feel alot better I guess looking at your own
problems and then putting them into perspective changes
Parties are evil....things that happen at parties suck so bad...they
change things way too much...and they're not worth it....well in my
case anyway.
I think I might leave school...theres no use me being there when I'm
not achieving anything....I think I should get ut there and get a
job....stop wasting my time...cause thats ll I'm really doing.
Well I'm going to get going, See ya......why do i talk to
diaries...its not like they're going to talk back to
me....I guess its the thought of something or someone
listening to me and understanding what I feel.

"will you be my best friend If I offer you my heart, cause its
already yours" - IOU one Galaxy by The Ataris