Katlyn's Naughty, Dirty Diary
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2002-11-12 19:11:37 (UTC)

My first lesbian experience (part 2)

...back at Mary's house I got ready for bed, as did Mary
and we got into her double bed. I rolled over away from
her and she said to me 'don't I get a good night kiss.' I
rolled over and she pushed her lips against mine and our
mouths quickly opened and we were in the middle of a very
passionate kiss. Mary took the lead. She pushed her hand
up my t-shirt and squeezed my breasts firmly.

Mary then undressed me, pulling off my knickers and top. I
had never seen her like this. She had a reputation for
having a high sex drive, but usually with men. She was
being quite aggressive, but I was enjoying it.

She pushed three fingers up my dripping pink cunt, I
gasped at the shock of it. She kept whispering things
like 'I've wanted to do this to you for so long' and 'I
didn't know you were such a little whore' I knew she was
joking, but she said it in a voice that made me so horny
and grind against here hand. She then withdrew and went
down on me. She teased me so much with long licks of her
tongue across my cunt, then flicking over my clit almost
bringing me to orgasm. Then she did make me cum so

I then went don't on her, but I was so eagar to eat her
all up I licked at her viciously for ages. She came, but I
don't think I was as good as her. I was exhausted, but I
knew I wanted more from Mary, which I got, but not that

While I've been typing this story, I have had my pink
vibrator buzzing against my clit. I'm soaking and I'm off
to orgasm.

Let me know if you do too!

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