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2001-08-15 06:51:06 (UTC)


Well, since this is a public diary i guess i'll just write
about myself.. well start about writing about some stuff
about myself. my name is audra. my bday is oct 24 '84.. so
basically im 16 at the moment.. and i just moved here to
cali from thailand.. im going to be a senior this year. ok
this is really boring information. at first i was going to
do a personal diary.. but my friend told me to do this
public thingy. i guess an online diary is kinda cool..
hehe.. oh well... anywayz im kinda livin here in cali..out
here on my own and it would be cool if i could make some
friends.. maybe anyone who'd wanna chat about anythin and
stuff.. email pals..u know.. !! ^_^ oh yea.. im a girl.. i
guess maybe you can tell since mostly guys dont write
diaries?? it's too romantic or somethin for them if you
know what i mean!

thailand is cool.. u should go there someday..
right now it is 11:46 pm.. im waitin for my bro to come
back from work.. im up with my friend.. we're just listenin
to muzik and stuff. so what muzik do u enjoy?? (who am i
askin?) well u gotta listen to my bro's's the
best!! well it's called 'simple'. well i dont know..u guyz
just look out for it..just in case u know??? hehe ^_^


Audra ^_^ August 14th 2001 11:49 pm