kiss me, kill me, hold me, thrill me
2002-11-12 08:46:48 (UTC)


I had a big long entry all typed out and then Internet
Explorer screwed up. It closed down all of the windows I
had open. Now I have to type everything all over again.

It made me really mad!!!

Anyway. John and I had a wonderful weekend. We had a
nice long chat on Saturday morning. We didn't get out of
here to shower until like 1pm or so. We talked about a
lot of stuff. The concert came up, but only for a short
second. I kinda tried to tell him that there would be
other things like the concert in the future that i want to
go to that he won't. He did agree that would probably

We did not keep talking about the concert. I am going to
give him a few days. I think he might decided that it is
really no big deal for me to go to the concert. I do not
think I will tell him that Dave has invited me. It just
wouldn't go over well. I will tell him if it comes up
that Dave will be there. I do plan on finding a girl to
go with. I'm sure John wouldn't mind too much if I went
with a girl, but planned on simply meeting up with Dave
after the show or something.

Anyway. Cal almost asked me if I needed her extra matress
right now. We were with John and I tried to give her a
signal not to say anything. She didn't blow my cover. I
was busy thinking up something to say like maybe I was
inviting Mina over. He will not know that Dave is coming

Dave and I talked a little tonight. He seemed very
distracted. Plus MSN was going wierd on me and kept
saying it couldn't send him my messages. Finally when it
did get my message through he went off to watch something
on tv. Then as soon as he got back he went offline. I
will just have to talk to him tomorrow morning or

The long weekend was nice. John and I went for a couple
drives. Yesterday we drove most of the day just seeing
sights. It was really nice. I love it when we do that.

I guess I can't remember the rest of what I wrote
earlier. This will have to do for now.