Pointless Dribble
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2002-11-12 08:22:51 (UTC)

Go Me!

Usually not seeing him usually make nights bad. Usually
that is. But not tonight. See, though I didn't see him, I
got to hang out with the usual group that hangs out at his
house. So even though I didn't get to see him ( he was
asleep) I got to get to know his roomates. He he...they
think I am cool. So that means like 4 more people on my
side. No one likes his current girlfriend...and they think
Im cool. Yeah, even if he doesnt pick me...I have
won...cause everyone likes me more than her. No
one...including him...wants him to be with her. I feel
special because his friends want to see him with me. One
of his friends even said, " Why the intrest in
are the prettiest girl that has ever showed him
attention." That guy thinks Im too good for him. Well,
him and a couple other of his friends. That makes me feel
good. That makes me feel hot , when his guy friend tell me
how pretty I am. What a good night. Ir gives me more hope
that he will be mine in the end. I really care for him and
I will love him like no other girl. I will show him the
type of love that will never make him want to leave. Im
getting closer to getting her out of the picture. I know
that when the friends are pulling for me...she will be
gone. I know how most guys work. They value their friend
opinions, and their opinion is to get rid of the ugly mean
bitch...and go for the cute sweet girl that will treat him
good. Yeah, it was a good night.