The World as I Know It
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2001-08-15 05:27:06 (UTC)

Are we all lost?

I am beginning to dislike myself more and more. I have been
seeing someone for over a year, I live with him and yet once
a week I slip under the guise of a ScreenName, like so many
others, and wonder about what it would be like to kiss a man
2000 miles away from me.....Am I so wrong? The only
criticisms I get are from myself, all others are silent.

An internet affair is more real to me now than the flesh and
blood next to me. I don't believe in the cybersex trend, I
am falling for someone, though. He and I have talked on and
off for three years or so, now and he has creeped into my
heart. I am so confused! I think I love him, but how do I
love him?! The answer will be there soon. I trust that.
Things have a way of working out. I will see how.