2002-11-12 07:01:32 (UTC)

Can't think of a title

I told Brett about my concert on Saturday. He thought I
was asking him out on a date. I wish I was. Not because I
like him in that sort of way or anything, but just
because. Something interesting. Maybe when I get my car
or something, I will ask Brett out on a date. I wonder how
he'd react.

I don't really see myself getting anywhere w/ Anthony.
Just because he's so... bi-sexual. I have nothing against
that, but maybe that is why Sammy never went for Anthony.
It doesn't repulse me or anything, in fact, I'm totally
cool w/ the subject. But everytime I talk to him or hear
anything of him, it's always about him and some other GUY.
I'd like to hear the word "GIRL" included in the same
sentence with Anthony, just once in a while. I guess it
discourages me more than anything else. It's sort of
ridiculous. Did I spell that word correctly?

People change, don't they? Who knew fame would lead to
such a disorderly disgust of oneself.

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