Hair Of The Dog
2001-08-15 05:04:00 (UTC)

boxing training

So I've started up boxing training, and I tell ya what, it
kicks arse. Gonna get me damn fit I'll tell ya that. I've
done quite a few sports before but I don't think that I've
ever done one as intensely tiring as boxing. Started up with
this Papua New Guinean mate of mine, Gary, he's a kickarse
boxer. I know the coach, he used to be a bouncer at my work.
I also know this one bouncer of ours Clay goes there, he's
an awesome kickboxer who I'd hate to fuck with, he's a lean
mean fighting machine and quite a solid bastard too. My
shoulders are hurting, despite me having stretched out every
muscle in my body quite a few times in order to get all the
lactic acid out of my muscles. I'm feeling fitter already,
and highly recommend it to those who are afraid they are
becoming unfit. Not for those who are already undoubtably
unfit, as they would just keel over and die, but for those
who were reasonably fit at some stage but haven't
participated in sport for some time. Oh yeah, I wouldn't
recommend it for anyone that smokes cigarettes, you need
lung capacity and your breath. Cigarettes suck. It's intense
and you'll hurt, but the feeling after you finish training
is just one of satisfaction. I can't wait until next
training, even though I know I'm gonna hurt all over again,
cos in no time at all I'm gonna be fit again, and beyond
that I'm gonna become superfit.

Oh yeah, to anyone who's read any parts of my diary, please
give me some feedback, I wanna know what people think of how
I think. Positive or negative criticism, doesn't matter,
tell me I'm a fuckwit if you really feel the need, but just