on the catwalk
2001-01-31 02:14:11 (UTC)

Dear Diary -- Long time no..

Dear Diary -- Long time no talk! How's everything? Good
here.. On February 5th (in 6 days!) I'm going to JCPenney's
with my friend Nikki to model.. I just walk down this
runway in my own stuff.. and they videotape me. If they
like what the see, I go on the news or in a magazine. Hip
hip. I'm kinda nervous though because I've never down
anything like this.. and if I fail, well that'll be a real
ego cutter for me.
Ooh yeah, I'm riding with Mickey this weekend (on
Saturday) because Bess is out for surgery. I don't know
what kind, but it must not be too serious because she'll be
back the week after that. Mickey's trainers name is Tonya..
gotta keep that in mind so I don't forget. Oh yeah, and
I'll be in the show coming up in March on base. Hooray.. I
haven't been in a show since before the accident.... in
1999! So it'll be fun, I get to share Shiloh with Bess. I
love Shiloh. He's soo sweet. This guy last week that was
helping Bess out had to get on him during the lesson
because he was acting up/kicking/bucking. I didn't really
have a problem, but oh well. The guy was kinda cool.. but..
yeah know, kinda really not. I like when it's just Bess
giving the lesson.
And speaking oh surgery (for Bess), Opa just had open
heart surgery! I love my grandpa, and it was friggin' scary
having that thought in my head. But all is well, and he got
out Sunday I believe from the hospital.. thing is he had
the surgery the Tuesday before. But they just wanted him in
so they could make sure all is well, and it is. I can't
wait to see him soon.
Well, I have three tests to study for.. I wanna keep my
all A average UP. ;) I'll be sure to keep up with writing
from now on.. try. luffies, xoxo