Nick's Journal
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2002-11-12 05:51:00 (UTC)

Not society's blender

I know i've been neglecting my journal, but this semesters
has truly been kicking my ass. i mean i hate to be one
who complains about work, but 18 credit hours is just a
killer. alas, my journal si the victim of it all.
anyhow, enough apologies.
today in business law i saw this guy (that i've kinda
noticed a couple of times)..........whoa that sounds
really gay, anyhow. he's just a loner. he looks like a
pathetic loser. he's extremely ugly, and really scrawny,
and has the face of a vulture.
so i was watching him and just thought what it would be
like to be him. i mean what does he do when he gets
home? i'm sure he jerks off a lot, and moreover i dn't
think he's had female contact in a while. i wondered
about what friends (if any he had). i decided it was
impossible to not have any friends after 3 years of
college so i consoled my thoughts of him in that manner.
then i shuddered to think what it would be like if i were
placed in his body and had to live his life. oh well, who
knows maybe he's a secret super hero or some shit.
then today of course it had to happen. my fucking computer
crashed. argh! stupid piece of shit.....phew it didnt
shut down on me there. i don't even know why!!! it just
pisses me off.
now on to sbarro's. you know, i really don't get some
people. i mean do they have such a short attention span
or do they just not give a flying fuck. but i got a pizza
and a mountain dew, and sat down to eat, while i was
eating i watched the girl who had worked the cashier. she
just stood there staring straight ahead at nothing, it was
kinda eerie. i bet she was fantasizing about hot dogs.
anyhow there she was complety spaced out until i got up to
her for a refill.
"what was it?"
i was just there not 2 mins ago and nothing had happened
in between. how the fuck can you be so god damned brain
dead? i mean really it's sad that you're in a work
environment where you turn on and off at the command of a
task. that's the kinda job that puts you in hell.
then i also had to debate my t.a. over the grade i got on
a paper. i told her that the author didn't support her
claim and that's how i got my conclusion, and this is what
she said :
"'re right"
so there i sit dumbfounded. if i'm right then shouldn't i
have gotten a better grade? runs through my mind. the ta
could apparently read minds for she then added,
"but you have to take the author's point of view."
what? doesn't that defeat the purpose of philosophy? i
should write my opinion not follow theirs! jesus, the
more i go to talk to these teachers the more i realize
they just want you to be a blender for society......all
the shit you learned goes in the top. push the 12 year
button for k-12, and if you want a smoother mix hit it for
another 4 years of college. open up....pour out, let
society enjoy the mix.

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