Celyvaith's Journal (Neopets)
2001-08-15 04:46:04 (UTC)

14th Day of Hiding, Y3 (August 14th)

14th Day of Hiding, Y3 (August 14th)

Things have been busy, so I haven't really had time to
write much. Jenny and I just completed a treasure hunt,
following an old, wrinkled map. It was hard work, but an
adventure wouldn't be that it it was easy.

The first problem was finding the pieces of the map. It had
been cut into nine pieces, no doubt to make it harder for
the treasure seeker. It took a long time for Jenny and I to
collect matching pieces, and it involved many days
searching among the wares of stalls at the marketplace. We
found them in places where we least expected them, like
among dozens of slushies!

But the important thing was that we found all of the
pieces. The map looked like it was ages old, with yellowing
paper that was covered in hundreds of wrinkles. The ink was
faded and the edges of the map were torn and frayed. But it
was readable.

We followed the map, which took several days. We crossed
streams and even mountains, and had to face hungry wild
animals. But we made it. The treasure was located in a
small cave, which was dark and damp. That's only to be
expected of a cave, I guess. Anyways, Jenny and I stepped
into the cave cautiously, and there before us, stood the
treasure chest.

The treasure that we found within wasn't important. Indeed,
I can not really remember the pieces that we found inside.
It was what we found sitting atop the chest that was the
most important treasure of all. It looked like a small blue
dog, Jenny said. I'm not sure what she means, for it is a
creature from her world. But it was an Anubis, perched atop
of the chest. It looked at us, his eyes filled with pride
and excitement, as if the little animal had been guarding
it for us.

I've wanted an Anubis petpet for so long, and I know that
Jenny was sad to not be able to get me one. So it was a
fortunate thing that we found him there! I decided to name
him Takoda, which means 'Friend' in a language from Jenny's
world. She says that the language is Sioux, from a Native
American tribe. Once again, I don't really know what she
means, but that doesn't matter. Now I have my two wonderful
friends- Jenny and Takoda.

Another adventure might occur soon. Jenny has come across
two Fountain passes to the Rainbow fountain, which means
that I can change my color, without needing a paintbrush! I
am having trouble, though. Should I be painted fire or
desert? Both look nice, but I can not decide. Perhaps I
will have come to a decision soon, and I can recount that
adventure here. Wish me luck!

Peace. Out.


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