Locked Inside my Book
2001-08-15 04:37:48 (UTC)

Guess what i want to do right now!

Guess what?
I want to kick my ass right now!!
I can't believe after more than a fukkin year, i still
think about my ex. Why won't he just get the fuck outta my
head? I swear I am crazy pyscho bitch. well i can't be that
bad, i'm not stalking the guy or anything but still!!
Argg!! How come after just one week, he totally changed my
life. i hate that. This is the reason why i try not to let
myself get attached to a guy and i keep love far far away.
i get soo attached easily. It's so easy for a guy to steal
my heart. i really wish my ex would give me my heart back.
I didn't even love him b/c it was only one week so how come
it effected me soo much. this just isn't fair!!! maybe b/c
he was the exact type of guy i liked and his smile was just
soo sweet. i dunno but i need to stop talking about him.
i'm making myself go crazy. BUT WHY CAN'T I HAVE HIM
ok i had to say that.
anyways i'm listening to the song Runaway train by soul
asylum. it's an old song but i still like it. the video
gives me the chills.

"i'm not little nor a punk"

just a little quote from my online friend, i think it's
soo funny and cute. if u knew the story it might actually
be funny to u but not like i'm really trying to make anyone

ok i'm done being a complete smart ass for today. good day!