Unholy and Dirty and Beautiful Me
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2002-11-12 05:11:59 (UTC)

The Morning After

On Saturday night, V & I went out and had a great time. We
came back to his place and had some good sex. Too good. The
condom broke. I've been back on the pill for a couple of
weeks, but just to be extra safe we went together to a
clinic down town and I got the Morning After Pill. They
gave me Gravol to take with it, that made me scared that it
would make me really really sick (I already have a pretty
sensitive stomach) but I didn't feel too bad. Who cares
really though? At least it's not morning sickness. Funny
too, because earlier that night we were talking about sex
and I told him right out that if I ever were to get
pregnant, I'd keep the baby. He wasn't surprised. I guess
he and his ex had agreed she'd abort if she ever did, so I
made sure to tell him I'd never do that. Anyways, as luck
would have it, we had our little scare but took care of it

So, we've been dating for just over a month now. I met him
on October 10th. I really like this guy, but I'm so scared
things won't go well. I can't help it, all you have to do
is read any random past entry in this diary to see why.
But, I have to give this guy a good chance. He SEEMS legit,
but we haven't had "the talk" and neither of us have met
eachother's parents. He actually told me the other night
that his ex and his mom didn't get along, that along with
the fact that she apparently leached all of his cash off of
him to the point that he was in debt when they split, does
not sound like they had a good breakup. He said they fought
all the time too. She was the same age as me, as is she'd
STILL be the same age as me now. But she sounds much
different, and he told me she was. He actually said to
me "my cousins ex-wife had all the same qualities and
values as her, things I don't see in you". I think that's a
good thing? That I don't, I mean. 'Cause it was his
cousin's EX-wife he was talking about.

I'll never know anything for sure,
~love ridden

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