On a more personal note...
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2002-11-12 04:17:52 (UTC)

Another Installment

I think it must take about a semester to adjust to this
new lifestyle. As the days pass I feel more and more
comfortable with this transition. The conclusion of the
play is almost here and though I gripe about it, I will
miss the "closeness" of the cast. Although the conclusion
will give me the opportunity to meet a bunch more new

I have come to the conclusion that my friend Steve is in
the same state of transition that I am. He exhibits many
of the same traits that I find myself feeling. I think
that is why we get along so well, we both understand what
the other person is feeling. Unspoken or not, I think we
both know how the other person is feeling.

I went out to the movies with my new sorta best pal Jeff
and one of his friends, Brian. Not to short change Brian,
he is really cool too. We went and saw Jackass. I
haven't laughed so hard in a good long while. Granted, I
was laughing at the misfortune/stuoidity of others, but
I'm sorry, it was really funny. I am glad that I went. I
really needed something like that. It gave me a chance to
get away from the stress of play practice for a while and
just have unscheduled fun. I extend a hearty thank you to
Jeff and Brian. That was a lot of fun, thanks guys.

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