One hell of a life
2002-11-12 04:17:05 (UTC)

11-12-02 entry fifteen I found out that Josh is dating! I
mean really, WTF!? She's got a nice figure, that's why. But
oh well, it's sweet I guess. Even though he's hot. And
right now I sorta wish I could be Marion. Ha.

It's been sorted. There's no school on Friday. And in the
morning on Saturday I have to go to the dentist. But apart
from that, I'm free for three days. On Thursday evening
lois and me, doing a sleepover movie night. On Friday we
take NIK to Hua Ting, I sleep at Lois's, and we go to
Stage. On with Nik again! On
Sunday...we hang with Nik, go to church, watch him play the
drums, and chill out. The End.

Sounds fun to me. I can't's only Tuesday, damn!
Tonight mom leaves to aunt, uncle and cousin
are hanging out for another day at our apartment, then
leaving tomorrow afternoon, Wednesday. Dad comes, stays
over for two nights, then mom comes back on Friday. So I
have two days of freedom...cause dad sticks around at
work 'till like, nine thirty. I have a shitload of homework
to do tonight...geography...maths...english

Okay I'm boring out my brains, I'm in I.T. sitting next to
Lois and Diva, and I'm bored as shit, sitting here like a