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2002-11-12 03:56:06 (UTC)


I have experienced true musical beauty. Thursday
night I had the honor of seeing Sigur Ros in concert. I
had tears in my eyes and a goofy smile on my face the
entire time. And because Molly and I made Mum buy the
tickets online during the presale, we got to sit in the
orchestra pit. We were so close I could practically see
the band's pores.

And they sounded heavenly.

They were just as beautiful live as they are on their
album. I was quietly ecstatic as the notes caressed my
ears. I know that's so corny, but I can't find words
wonderful enough to describe just how great this band is.
It's too bad that my sister and I are probably the only
people in the whole county that listen to them.

I must see them again.

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