2001-08-15 03:47:47 (UTC)

7th fell apart unknown

Have no real source haven't figured out what trigger it yet
but certainly not pleasant didnt do any files today watched
some chats signed up for some communites all just trival
things just to keep kind of occuped doing something.It
really doesn't matter what as long as it't something.I was
told this was for peolpe that didn't have anything better
to do well maybe so but if i read them later I may see some
sort of pattern whatever that may be.It may give me some
idea of what other see that I am not seeing that is so
awful. that should be fixed as usual. Ijust don't see what
I have even thou I feel I ca not take with it , being to
partcal on things making desicions that say what I should
think feel or not be. everything is gob understanable
things that should be aren't things that shoudn't be are. I
just don't know how to make it better there is no one to
bounce this stuff off of neither so it is an impossibble
situation of unknowing.. tomorrow will be better I know it..